Greening your workplace

Posted on 18 Aug, 2021

If your workplace is based indoors – whether working from home or back at the office, or perhaps the factory or warehouse, you may have may have thought how nice it would be to bring the outside in while you work? Having the sun on your back, feeling a gentle breeze on your skin and just being immersed in nature may just be a day dream whilst at work. However, while it may not be possible to move your workplace outside, it is possible to bring some of the outside in.

Research from the Journal of Environmental Psychology, has shown that workers benefit from having plants indoors. The benefits include improved focus and increased in productivity by up to 15 %! Another study conducted by the Acoustical Society of America found that playing nature sounds also improved productivity and created a more positive mood while performing the task. While writing this, I’m currently testing out the theory and listening to the sound of breaking surf….so far, so good!

Like many improvements to our wellbeing, there doesn’t’ have to be a significant financial outlay involved. Why not suggest to your manager the idea of buying a few plants to place around your workplace? If there’s no budget at work for some plants, you could suggest to a few colleagues that they bring in a favourite plant from home. Playing some background music from nature at your workplace also doesn’t have to cost much. There’s many free websites that offer nature music and could be provided for all to hear or perhaps a link could be sent out so that individuals can choose their preferred sound.

 So, start greening your workplace and enjoy the many benefits from nature both in your overall wellbeing and in improved productivity at work.